About Terry Boon

I am an information technology and financial services professional; mathematician; and a reader, theatregoer, and player of games. I live in London with my wife and daughter, and am originally from St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.

Interests include board and tabletop games; experimenting in software development and open source technology; browsing through bookshops and replenishing the reading pile; London galleries, museums, and theatre; language and literature; law, rules, and their logical quirks; and thoughtful politics and economics. I occasionally post on these on my Twitter feed (@terryboon), my blog (Eclectic Stacks), and my new (as of Nov 2022) Mastodon feed: @terryboon@hachyderm.io.

I work at the Prudential Regulation Authority at the Bank of England, focused on IT and operational risk. Previously I worked at the Technology Consulting practice at PwC, advising clients on areas including regulatory change projects, information security, IT risk and controls, and quantitative finance and analytics. I am also a chartered accountant, and have an MSc in mathematical and computational finance and an MMath in mathematics from Oxford University.